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Fahed + Architects is a multidisciplinary boutique architectural practice established in 2005, with offices in Dubai, Bali and Kochi. We do Master planning, Urban Design, Architecture, Interior Design, Product Design, Exhibition Spaces, Art Installations, etc. The practice – one of the few charter members of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) from Kerala (India) – has received numerous accolades, including the Gold Leaf Award from Indian Institute of Architects (IIA). Listed as the ‘Top 50 Emerging Practices’ and the ‘Top 50 Hot practices’ in India, the practice has won multiple International, National and State awards. The principle architect, Mr.Fahed Majeed, is a RIBA Chartered Architect with a strong presence in India, Middle East and West Asia. The practice is gearing up to embark on newer creative journeys and collaborations with key focus on Research.



We strongly believe a good design can elevate the quality of life. Our projects are an end result of a collaborative effort from a myriad group of people from difference backgrounds across the world. The advantage we have is that our practice is a mélange of talent: architects, fashion designers, chemical engineers, product designers, sociologist, horticulturist, etc who bring with them the richness of knowledge and distinct perspectives and experiences. The perfect alchemy between strikingly different talents and refreshing enthusiasm underlines our success story. As a practice with insane optimism, we hope for a better tomorrow and strive to play our part – big or small – in the cultural and global context. Architectural expressions are distilled to capture the spiritual essence of the ‘place.’ The architectural designs hinge, in principle, on the traditional climatic sensibilities. The aim is to promote sustainable and eco-architecture. The architecture and interiors are layered with inspiration from a myriad of cultural and climatic nuances of its context – and achieved by integrating landscape and water features, while simultaneously blurring the distinction between the interior and exterior. The projects, thus, display sensitivity to the inherent beauty of natural materials expressed through clarity in construction, immaculate attention to detail and elemental architectural expression. Another key area of strength is Virtual Reality visualisation, using VR tools to render the designs and make them highly immersive.


Fahed A Majeed

Principal Architect

An alumnus of Bangalore Institute of Technology, Fahed Majeed has extensive professional and academic experience having taught in architecture schools in Bangalore. Helmed by Fahed, the practice has received numerous design awards since its inception. He is one of the few charter members of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) from Kerala. 

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