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Istana Bambu

Located in the hills overlooking the beautiful paddy fields of Ubud, the Istana Bambu is a gorgeous getway nature resort with stunning natural panorama. The lush tropical landscape is dotted with natural spring pools and the rainforest on one end and the rice fields on the other. Strategically located in the heart of Ubud, there are plenty of empyrean temples and local attractions in proximity. This is a six villa property with each Bamboo villa having its own personality, with multiple bedrooms and amenities. These units are all set amidst lush greenery with a plunge pool and a large rope hammock that overlooks the stepped paddy fields. With walls, ceiling and floor entirely made of bamboo, this structure connects oneself to nature on the whole. With large openings, the spaces are naturally lit with the rainforest light and the distinction between the interior and the exterior has been perfectly blurred.

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