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This former Gothic church from the 1900s has been transformed into a rich and sophisticated fine dining restaurant in downtown Nottingham. The redesign of this majestic space into a restaurant was done carefully to seamlessly fuse the past and the present. The concept behind the design of this renovation project was to create contemporary modern multipurpose spaces while retaining the original building features, reusing the materials and repurposing old objects as much as possible. This church was renovated in a style that retains its former architectural beauty at the same time capturing the modern elegance of design. The Royal Oak incorporates not only a fine dining restaurant but also a club, a bar, a wine shop, and also a bakery. The original stone columns, vaulted ceilings, the stained-glass windows and the stone floor help retain the key features of the original structure while giving the new space the old rustic charm. Smart colourful furniture which contrasts the original structure with a mixture of modern and antique chandeliers

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