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Guggenheim Helsinki - Competition

Updated: Jun 23, 2019

The proposal for Guggenheim Helsinki is a design that celebrates Finnish culture, societal life, architecture and sustainability. The form showcases a well grounded form that gradually lifts off and welcomes visitors to a shaded and protected forecourt which may be used by visitors queuing up for ticketing. Despite the sharpness of the structure, the conspicuous fluidity in plan easily accommodates visitors coming to and from the park, the Laivasilankaatu Street, the museum, its forecourt and landscape. The facade of the Guggenheim is enveloped in wood which throws light on the timber industry that contributes to approximately 5% of Finland's GDP. Finland’s forest cover replenishes roughly every 100 years and only less than 50% of wood is used for manufacturing.The well flourished Finnish timber industry is the manifestation of their strong approach towards sustainable devolopment. The design is evolved after imbibing elements from Helsinki’s historical and architectural heritage.The frequented and ideal building materials are also studied.These factors combined with the programme requirements lead us to a solution that addresses visibility, accessibility, effects on immediate surroundings, exhibitions and social engagements, education and research purposes.

Link to the Website :!/stageonegallery/view/gh-11734085

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