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F+A Architecture Bootcamp 2019

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

Architects shape the world, one cityscape at a time, and therein lies the need to shape young architects to meet the practical world that lies outside the realms of submission sheets and juries. They need to be trained to transfer their analytical thinking to find solutions to real-life problems, outside the confines of classroom walls and perfect test scores. Fahed + Architects, with our exhaustive experience in grooming young talent, have devised an extensive training programme specially designed to channel raw potential into solid talent.


We believe it is crucial to help aspiring architects realize their dream of becoming proficient professionals armed with an irrefutable skill set in their toolbox. Although academic excellence unquestionably opens doors to opportunities, it may not prove helpful on the path to success unless welded dexterously and judiciously. It is our vision to mold young enthusiastic architects into visionaries of change, embracing ethical values along their journey of empowerment. This vision is expressed through the core values we uphold, which are intricately woven into the fabric of our work culture.


Selection Criteria:

A maximum total of five participants will be selected based on a screening process, the selection stages of which will include a portfolio review followed by a one-on-one interview with our trained professionals.

Syllabus/range covered:

The syllabus can be broadly broken down into 3 modules, handled by three different industry experts. The topics covered in each module will be diverse, focusing on augmenting understanding of each of the covered concepts thoroughly by incorporating practical knowledge into the equation. The main topics covered will include:

I. Architecture Design:

Participants will be familiarized with the design process, spanning from the initial design approach to the concept evolution, getting adept in the designing method of architecture and in integration of the built environment. They will also be introduced to the intricacies of physical model making, exploring designs through models and gaining a deeper understanding of how physical models shape the final design outcome.

II. Architectural Drawing:

Participants will be trained to prepare detailed drawings and estimations. They will cover the basic concepts and gain the required understanding to use the latest professional architectural computer software to become proficient in drafting and visualizing of architectural objects and 3D models.

III. Building construction:

Participants will be integral in the process of building infrastructure, actively involved with the acquisition of practical site knowledge. Mentors help them get acquainted with monitoring building systems like lighting, fire evacuation systems etc., giving practical exposure of work.

Most importantly, independent learning is encouraged, while providing an engaging platform to expand your horizons and evoke the creative senses. Interactive sessions with field experts and daily exposure to the whirlwind of activities that make up an international architectural practice will initiate overall development, as well develop the ability to embrace responsibility.

Fee Structure:

The monthly fee is INR 12,000/- including tax, subject to scholarships based on merit.


All scholarships offered will be purely merit based. Participants may receive a 50% to 100% scholarship based on their performance during the selection process.


The course shall span over a recommended period of 3 months, with Sundays and national holidays off. Participants can also choose a 6 months or 9 months long course if they desire an extended training duration. Fahed + Architects retain the sole right to terminate the training of any individual if necessary, in which event a full refund for the remainder of the course will be initiated.


The participants who complete the course will be issued certificates of experience Fahed + Architects to acknowledge their accomplishments. Excelling architects will be absorbed into the core team depending on their level of proficiency.

For Further details contact us on 0484-2409888.

Interested candidates, Please send in your portfolios and cv's to with the subject - "F+A Architecture Bootcamp"

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