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Mr.Ramadan's Residence

Although there were socio-cultural differences in each region, the architecture of the Dubai residences retained a common vocabulary, dictated by the habits, traditions, and culture of its inhabitants. The design proposed for Mr. Ramdan is influenced from the traditional built forms. The design is minimal in approach. Design programme was merged into the typical Arab residential layout from which an L shaped layout was evolved. The family block, designed in two separate levels, consists of living spaces at the bottom and other private spaces at the next level. Separate entry to the workspace is from the road which is on the other side of the site. Facade of the courtyard is characterised by arched entrance and openings with intricate details. Massing expresses an outstanding response to both the climate of its specific region. The majas or entrance of the house is designed such that it open into a courtyard. The large volume removed from the corner ensures pleasing views to this central open court. The space act as transition between both the wings and establishes a subtle relationship between the main entrance and courtyard.

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